Evolve Back, Kalahari, BOTSWANA

We are in Botswana, we are in the north of Kalahari desert and we are ‘lost’ in the country. Yes, beacuse Evolve Back is a pure oasis hidden in the area, just a step outside the Kalahari reserve and, trust on me, if I tell you that you will in the wild.

The staying at Evolve Back is definitely a goal. You can choose between 2 different type of tent and both are a dream. The most curious thing is that the bathroom has a wall made with glass (that’s why I told you you feel you are in the wild).

The main public area has the pool and a spaciuos lobby where you can have a gin tonic or just remain there for the sunset.

The best thing about Evolve Back are the activities that you can so: game drive of course but also the encounter with San tribe and a splendid Dinner in the bush. You will find you perfect romatic spot there, tasting the flavours of Botswana around the boma, the tipycal fireplace of africa.

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