A walk in the Moroccan Desert, with funny camels, MOROCCO

Just and ordinary/extraordinary day!

We have to reach Merzouga, Morocco, to discover the real ‘Oriental nights dream’. We started from Marrakech; the road is long but it is absolutely stunning. Trust on me! We stopped for one night during our itinerary and the next day we were ready to discover the Desert.

I was always attracted by the dunes so here I crowned my dream…

As soon as we arrived, we met our guide that lead us with a jeep to the camp. He explained us that the part of desert we were crossing was used by the last “Parigi-Dakar race”, what a goal! After our arrival at Luxury tent camp Zahara, we took our camera gear, some scarves and we litterally jump on our camel. Of course, the moment was funny as a candid camera 🙂

After the general laugh, we realized we were sunk in the desert of Sahara. I held back tears and I focused on two things: the first not to fall from the camel ehehe, the second which was the best dune to catch the sunset.

I don’t have to say that we took hundreds of pictures of this incredible scenery! I was completely absorded by the sound of the wind on the ridge of the dunes and by the colors of the sand with sunset. After a while, the scenery changed again and a swirling sandstorm started.

Trust on me if I say we were stunned by this unpredistable situation, dense of emotions and different colors.

We spent the night in the tent camp Zahara with good food and music and the day after was again a moment of exploration. This time by walk barefoot on the sand for the sunset.

Again, some funny moments with sands in the mouth; my hat, for the strong wind, started to rolling on the dunes and me following. Anywway, one time again the scenery was unbeliavable!

These incledible days passed so fast that was the time to leave my beloved desert but, on our way, we remember the words of our guide, so here they are!!! Some motorcyclists speed away quicky, leaving us with a dream.. the Dream of the Sahara, with his beauty and his magic.

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