Kruger National Park, SOUTHAFRICA

Maybe the most famous national park in the world, Kruger does not disappoint the expectations.

The first day we were in, we were stuck in the traffic jam.. ehehe their traffic jam!

Kruger park was our second safari (after Swaziland, read the post here) and the vastness of the area let you stay in the reserve more than just few days. We started the exploration from the south, Crocodile Bridge where we rent a tree house. We vowed for the next trip to spend some days on safari and some just chilling or cooking with braai because that house was so beautiful but we spent all our time outside, hungry for pictures.

If you want to sleep in the park, the only opportunity is to stay at one of the San park state lodge or to sleep in the private reserve just attached to the park. We tried Letaba and Satara. The first one has a terrace on the river that is seriously breathtaken. The second one is in a strategic position and there we did the Night Safari, spotting 7 lion cubs at once!

As you can understand, after few days we were completely in love with Kruger and Southafrica.

We spotted all the Big 5 and we had a great time there!

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