Greece, Cyclades

Part 1

If you open the map and you check the Aegean sea, seems that someone has scattered the islands in the middle of the sea. Hundreds of different islets with their own culture, little hamlets and local people. The variety of food changes also area by area and in some the architecture too.

Let’s explore some of these treasure togheter.


One of my favourite islands in the world! I tell you why.. The island has a mix of romantic and rustic style with a touch of fancy restaurants and delicious fish bar. To me, the best location to stay is Naoussa in the north, little but a very organized village. One of the best beach is Kolimbrites with some smooth rocks and a gold sand.

One of the best hamlet not on the sea but on the hills is Leukes, where seems that the bouganville tree has found the perfect place to grow up.


Just in front of Paros, there is Naxos, an island very different from the first one. Naxos is wilder, rural and bigger. Not only on Naxos the wind (Meltemi) is stronger and some beaches are ‘only for the brave’ 🙂

Everywhere you lay your eyes, there is the perfect greek postcard in Naxos. The restaurants are nestled in the alleys of the Chora, the main village of every island. Sponge, wicker baskets, olives and handmade porcelains are just some of the things you can find in the little shops.

Another thing that you can do when you are in Naxos (except for the beautiful beaches) is watch the sunset from the Portara, the rest of a temple dedicated to Apollo.


The younger sister of Paros is Antiparos, like the name says. Antiparos is just 10 minutes of ferry far from the port of Pounta, one of the port of the island. Do you know that on Antiparos Tom Hanks decided to take his residence? And of course we tourned the island looking for him hehe.

Antiparos is very calm, few villages and some of the best beaches of the archipelago.


It was declared one of the best secret island. Actually after lot of adversisement is not any more so secret but we had the chance to see it with no rush because it was not crowded at all. The Water is crystalline at the port too, you can visit the island just by walk beacuse it is very little.

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