We decided to visit Malaysia for the first time in 2015 and it was love at first sight.
After that trip, other 2 followed and I can truly say that I am planning the fourth. Why? Because Malaysia is a wonderful mix of culture, religions, faces and territories. But step by step..

I start with the capital, Kuala Lumpur, KL for the locals.

A melting pot of different architecture, a symbol of the power of South east of Asia in contract with some traditional districts.

The exploration of the Country continued we the east side. We rent a car and we literally cross the Malaysian land, arriving at Perhentian islands archipelago.
I am a diver so the vibes for me were incredible. You can decide to stay on Kecil or Besar. Both are great but I preferred the first one.
In some bays, for the sunrise, you can swim with hundreds of baby sharks.

Did I say you that I am a diver?! 🙂

We checked the other little islands around and we found literally a paradise!

Malaysia is not just the seaside. We visited Malakka, curious and authentic town in the south of the country. Big varans were free in the river of the city and restaurants and shops were very pretty nice too.
Marco loved so much this city that  he decided to do his first tatoo there!

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