And Beyond Ngorongoro, TANZANIA

Have you ever think about the Noah’s Ark? Full of animals, very near one to the other, where everyone is in peace (or seems like).

Great! This is the place! Ngorongoro is an extinguished crater full of different species or simply full of life.

I leave you my pictures about Africa and Ngorongoro too here and now that you hava a vision of the territory I am speaking about I can describe you a ‘peral-hotel’ of the area.

And Beyond Ngorongoro is located just on the ridge of the crater, where you can have an amazing visibility of the area. The thing that impressed me more was the ultra sustainability of the lodge. Every room is a private hut, nestled in the trees.

The rooms are so romantic, with a bathtub in the middle of your spacious bathroom. The view is just a dream for the nature lovers.. Check my video down there.

The lodge is a mix of Masaai/african style and Versailles Decor. The room for the dining is superb for the sunset.

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