One Nature, Serengeti, TANZANIA

Welcome to the real african dream. Welcome to Serengeti and to One Nature.

This luxury african tent lodge is in the heart of the plain of Serengeti. If you want to the the great migration from a superb point of view, you find the place! The tents are equipped with all the amenities you can need, the binoculus too! You can have a bath in the bathtub or in an open air shower too. A super goal, isn’t it?! We saw some elephants just in front of our tent hanging around. You can feel the nature from your room but you can also partecipate to a game drive that will lead you without disappointment. The wildlife all around the estate is fantastic. And if you are tired or you already did milions of pictures (like us) you can have a rest in the main lobby, trying their good selection of gourmet menù and wine. A dream that comes true!

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