Bagatelle Game Ranch, NAMIBIA

We had such a great experience in the Botswanan Kalahari at Evolve Back that when we arrived in the Kalahari of Namibia we couldn’t avoid a stop at Bagatelle Game Ranch. The first thing we noticed at the arrival was the strong red color of the dunes. Stunning! The second thing was that orix stayed around the swimming pool, so I was stuck for all the afternoon there, watching this elegant animal and enoying the warm weather.

But the surprise were not finished! We enjoyed an amazing aperitif on the dune for the sunset and meanwhile we had the chance to attend an exciting experience!
The ranch has a small family of Cheethas in the farm; they were rescued but don’t think about small and domesticated kitten. When we saw there for the first time, they arrived from the hill so fast that in one second they started to eat the meet greedily.

After the ‘gruel time’, we stayed with them in security, taking pictures and watching how they interact each other. Wonderful animals, very smart and super responsive!

The day finished with a superb set menù dining around the boma, chatting with other travellers about the magic moments we spent.

Let’s watch a trailer of the ranch here!

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