Kilimamoja Lodge, TANZANIA

We visited during the day Ngorongoro crater (that goes absolutely over the expectations) and for the night we had a cuddle at Kilimamoja. We are very near to the lake manyara, another impressive area of Tanzania. The location of the lodge is so central that you can easily move from Tarangire Nat Park to Ngorongoro Crater, from Lake manyara to Arusha.

They welcomed us with a glass of good local wine and with, of course, a stunning view of the area.

The food selection is also excellent, with various opportunities for vegetarians too.

But it was when we arrived at our room that we remain without words. They reserved for us the whole double cottage, with our private swimming pool, 2 rooms, 2 bathroom and a jacuzzi in the patio. Felt like in a honeymoon 🙂

I let the video speak for me. Don’t forget the chance to spend some days in this little sweet-box surrounded by the voice of nature.

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