Pirate Island, Komodo, INDONESIA

Did you say Glamping? Oh yes! Let me spend few words about this new type of vacation solution. Lots of you asked me “what does it mean?”.

Well, a glamping is a sort of camping but, for various amenities or facilities, is more luxurious and comfortable than a tent. Usually it is located in a special natural area and it offers some services like restaurant, bar, ensuite bathroom, spectacular view or a sky bad for the stargazing.

So now you are ready to jump with me on a magic island, isolated, private and abosolutely stunning! The island is called Pirate Island, named by the glamping you can find there..

The terrific things are that you are on a island just for you and few other friends, you tart to relax, enjoying the sunrise and the sunset from your sky bed, snorkeling, eat good local food, try their cocktails on the rocks and breath deeply.

May I seem too romantic? No way!!! Cos Pirate island is exactly like this: a tropical dream that come true!

Logistically, you have to reserve as soon as you can contacting them through the web site. After the confirmation, the meeting point is at their office in Labuan Bajo (Flores island) where you will be escorted to the boat that in less than an hour will take you to the paradise. We Spent there 2 nights, but 3 or 4 are not too much at all 🙂

We did an amazing snorkeling there! The reef is so alive and vibrant! And did I mentioned the starts above you in the crystal nights?! We spent hours taking pictures and enjoying the sound of the little waves..

You can also decide between two type of accomodatios: one is the cabin with sky bed that you seen in the pictures. The other is a comfortable tent with ensuite toilet and lot of space. Both have electricity, plug for recharge, lights, towels and fresh water. I keep in my pillow some frangipani everyday, but thi is another story 😉 Actually we were uncertain about the decision but my dream was go sleep and wake up directly on the beach so we choose the first one. Very good choise!

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