The itinerary in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

The proposal of Wizz air and VisitSaudi was unsual: from Venice (ITA) to unknown destination… Strange! We packed our staff, we arrived to Venice airport and after 6 hours of flight we discovered we were landing in Saudi Arabia!
I was super happy for the choise. I have been planning this trip since last year but we didn’t find the right moment to go.
This is my occasion!

So we landed in the country of oriental nights, of souq, spicies, deserts and extraordinary new buildings and that actually what we found! So our trip started, happy more than ever. The route was the following:


The trip was a little bit unexpected because most of the people that come to KSA use to go to AlUla but the staff explained us that for big groups like our was impossible to go there due to the strict regulations of maximum entrance ticket per week.
So the question is: “Susy, are you planning to visit AlUla too?”
My answer: “yessssss! We are preparing a trip for October 2023 :)”


We started our exploration from the capital, Riyadh that is actually a city with lot of traffic. Our hotel was the Radisson Blu and it was the perfect location, near to the souq and the old city.

We had the chance to visit the Masmak fortress, that was the anchient mansion of the storic family of Al Saud and that from 1995 it is a museum.

Al Faisaliah tower (the Globe)

Another day, another disovery! We visited one of the most iconic building of the city.. a city that want to inspire in its visitors renovation, style and modernity. We had the tower just for us, for a private visit. It allowed us to explore with no rush and to shot amazing pictures or the 44 floors .

Desert Experience

Here we are! One of the part that most we desired: an excursion in the desert of Saudi Arabia. We drove from the capital to the Njdiya camp where we had some relax near to the dunes.

The sensation of the send under my feet is everytime great. The smell of arabic coffee with cardamom, the chat under a tent, the preparation of the boots and scarves… moments that I love.

So we had the chance to try a ride on the camel or horse and I preferred the second one. I did more than I time camel and actually it is great but this time I was more curious about horses.

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